Bo selecta episode 3

With leigh francis, patsy kensit, karen hayley, craig phillips. Michael jackson introduces a documentary about his life, after his death earlier in the year. Not only that, but the lovable pervert bear has made it out of his treehouse, and can. Avid gets arrested for stalking vanessa feltz, and kerry mcfadden joins the bear in his house on hamster heath to talk family. Very strong language this episode is subtitled 24 mins.

The bear is a fictional character who originated in the british adult sketch comedy, bo selectahe is a rude teddy bear who is a social outcast and engages in cursing and womanizing. Chatshow avid interviews sean pertwee, the bear goes camping with lisa stansfield. The bear takes over as host of the final episode of season 3, and starts a band with steven and charlie from busted. In eastendings, kat has a run in with sonias dad, and the show then. In doing porridge michael jackson has some recreation time in the prison yard, the bear and jonathan ross rehearse for. In eastendings, kat has a run in with sonias dad, and the show then experiences technical. Celebrity stalker avid merrion plays chat show host to patsy kensit, celebrity agent keith lemon and guest jack. Craig david throws a party to launch his new single, soda pop, and the odd couple workout to an.

With contributions from emma bunton, david gest, paddy. Comedy involving celebrity stalker avid merrion, and a whole host of celebrities. The following is a comprehensive list of the episodes from channel 4 impressions series bo selecta. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. With leigh francis, michael ball, terri dwyer, vanessa feltz. Tv series see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Episode list series 1 2002 episode title written by directed by viewers millions original airdate 0. The series premiered on fri sep 06, 2002 on channel 4 and episode 6 s05e06 last aired on fri nov 17, 2006. Celebrity stalker avid merrion plays chatshow host to patsy. John lennon comes back to life to visit his dead wife, michael jackson does some. With leigh francis, karen hayley, patsy kensit, mark owen. With leigh francis, emma bunton, kirsty gallacher, karen hayley.

Well, its the bear, so not that new, but he does start. Avid merrion is the main protagonist of bo selecta he is the romanian host. Leigh francis under the guise of avid merrion introduces us to a sketch show not quite like any other. Series 1 episode 3 part three skip navigation sign in. Enriques mole talks about gareth gates drunken behaviour and the 2000th episode. Aided by a cuddly and somewhat excitable bear and a troupe of rubberfaced stars from craig david to geri halliwell, gareth gates to david. With leigh francis, derek acorah, nej adamson, jeremy edwards. Series 1 episode 3 part one youtube celebrity juice s16e14 bestest unseenest bits compilation. Terri dwyer, kate thornton, vanessa feltz and michael ball guest. Avid phones an angry kate thornton, and john lennon returns from beyond the grave to visit mrs lennon. The nine main episodes of series three were released under the banner bo selecta vol 3. Meet transylvanias most avid fan, the celebrities he stalks and those he impersonates using nothing but insulting rubber masks and a. With leigh francis, howard antony, karen hayley, patsy kensit.

Avid gives a tour of his new chat show set and the people who work there, and he also interviews emma bunton. Written and created by leigh francis, the programme involves lampooning celebrity culture, featuring francis himself in a series of surreal, often crude, celebrity. Avid surprises penny smith in her dressing room on the set of gmtv. Avid merrion has finally made it to the stage to host the celebrity guests on his own show. Francis played central character avid merrion, a dangerously insane.

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